"ems" helps you leverage your meetings and events as part of your Sales and Marketing programs

How "ems" Supports Event-Driven Relationship Management

Event-Driven Relationship Management capabilities are delivered by the multiple "ems" applications and the "ems" CRM integration.

Overview of "ems" Event-Driven Relationship Management Capabilities

  • "emsSurvey" allows you to survey your audience before your event and follow up with your attendees after its over
  • "emsMarketing" helps you promote your event and keep in touch with your target audience
  • "emsReg" handles registration for multiple attendee types and optional agenda tracks, takes care of payment collection and supports housing bookings and block management
  • CRM Integration allows you to easily upload delegate activity to your CRM system for Sales follow up

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All of the "ems" applications are ready to help you today. Delivered as a hosted service, you can access any of the "ems" applications now, directly from your internet-connected desktop.

Other "ems" Capabilities

"ems" layered approach allows you to access just the capabilities that you need, cutting the time it takes to make you productive and successful. Other "ems" application layers are: