The "ems" CRM integration keeps your sales team on the same page as your event team

Marketing and Sales Communication Challenges

Maybe you are a product company that relies on events to get leads back to your sales force so that they can follow up. How can you ensure that they get the information quickly and in a way that they can act on it? Or maybe you are in the events business and need to be able to accurately track the business you do with your customers. How do you ensure that your CRM system is quickly updated with event registrations and other sales?

Overview of CRM Integration Capabilities

The CRM Integration was designed to synchronize event registrations details with your CRM system, quickly and accurately. Operating in either single or batch mode, the integration ensure that your sales team always has access to the latest customer and prospect information.

The "ems" CRM integration creates and synchronizes the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Accounts
  • Opportunities, including products purchased