"emsBudget" saves you money by tracking and managing your event budget

Event Budget Management Challenges

You have a limited budget and a revenue target to meet. How can you allocate your budget most effectively and track costs incurred in real-time? How can you monitor your revenue stream and ensure that your event profitability goals are met?

Overview of "emsBudget" Capabilities

"emsBudget" provides powerful capabilities to help you build your budget for approval, track actual expenses and revenues as they come in and create a final budget of record.

Specific features include:

  • Create the target (approved) budget for the event, assigning each item to an expense category
  • Transfer expense items from the approved budget to the working budget and track actual expense items
  • Link budget items to eReg (eg. registration revenues) so that they are updated in real time
  • After the event, transfer expense items from the working budget to the actual budget and compare with the approved budget
  • Report on the differences between the approved, working and actual budgets