"emsConnect" lets delegates plan ahead and make the connection, one to one

Attendee Networking Challenges

Attendees at meetings and events want to get as much value as possible out of their participation. They know from past experience that meetings with other professionals can often lead to mutually beneficial exchanges of information. How can you help your attendees make the most of your events from a networking perspective, without drowning in admin yourself?

Overview of eConnect Capabilities

Integrated with the eReg application, "emsConnect" allows delegates to connect securely and privately with other delegates pre-event to request a meeting during an event, making the opportunity for business a breeze.

The special features include:

  • Ability to view delegate names, companies and job titles
  • Ability to view specific attendee categories
  • Selection of conference days and times to schedule meetings
  • Option to enter a personal message
  • A secured "Send Request" message
  • The ability to accept or reject a One on One request
  • A personal schedule of appointments

Meeting and event organizers also benefit from the capabilities of "emsConnect". In addition to providing another valuable benefit to event attendees, while freeing organizers form the chore of administering the meetings, "emsConnect" provides summary and detail reports that show the level and type of networking taking place.