"emsHome" lets you create a simple web solution for your event

Event Microsite Creation Challenges

Your target audience expects to easily find information about your event on the internet. In this day and age, an informative website is crucial to the success of any event. How do you build an informative and compelling event website quickly and at low cost?

Overview of "emsHome" Capabilities

Integrated with the "emsReg" application, eHome allows users to build a customizable, tabbed micro-site to display information about their event, sessions, venue and more. eHome provides a centralized solution for event registration, information, promotion, and payment without any HTML knowledge with full flow-through from eReg.

The special features include:

  • Multilingual content, for ease in event advertising and registration
  • Professional, easily customizable page templates, requiring no HTML knowledge
  • Automatic event updates, keeping your page in step with changes to the event
  • "Tell a friend" feature, for user-driven event production
  • A simple presentation of information to inform and expedite attendee registration
  • Logo and link uploads for hotel, travel, and event information

eHome enhances the simplicity of event management without compromising power and professionalism. With eHome, event management just got even easier.