"emsMarketing" helps you engage your audience, measure your return and gain marketing intelligence

Event Marketing Challenges

"Measuring you audience engagement" is a key goal in the marketing world today. Without a working event marketing strategy subsisting of a specific target audience, direct messaging, and a measurement tool to track delegates' interest and participation, the success of your event is in jeopardy. eMarketing provides the necessary capabilities to serve as your event marketing solution.

Keeping track of email lists, read receipts, history, and demographics of your marketing efforts are vital to optimizing current and future marketing endeavors.

How "emsMarketing" Solves Event Marketing Challenges

"emsMarketing" is a simple to use, low cost, yet highly effective tool for the outreach, measurement, and management of your target and future audiences. Sending an event announcement through eMarketing provides a variety of measurement tools that assist in optimizing future marketing to your specific audience. Connected to "emsMarketing", "emsSurvey" presents the opportunity to learn the interests and priorities of your target audience, allowing for a faster, more effective means of delegate acquisition. With "emsMarketing", you can:

"emsMarketing" allows you to:

  • Create, send, and manage new emails in text, html, or both
  • Clone sent and archived emails for similar marketing within and cross events
  • Create and upload new mailing lists or select from any existing number of email lists you have already created

You can then email your audience to promote your event and, with the capabilities of "emsSurvey", learn of their interests and priorities. From there, "emsMarketing" provides you with the knowledge to successfully utilize the modules' capabilities to:

  • View how many recipients opened your email
  • View who opened your email
  • View click-through reports and unique hits
  • View recipients who have clicked on links
  • Show your vendors who is clicking on their links
  • Manage unsubscriptions

As a SaaS based module, all emails and emailing lists including content, format, click-through reports, and recipients are saved and accessible 24/7 in "ems".