"emsPlanning" saves you time by keeping you organized, structured and in control

Event Planning Challenges

The first step in a successful event is getting everyone on the same page. How do you capture all of the details necessary to get everyone involved on the same page? How do you get sponsor approval and how do you create RFP's for selected hotels?

Overview of "emsPlanning" Capabilities

The "emsPlanning" tool is a meeting request tool that provides all the working templates needed to start the planning process for submitting your event logistics efficiently to your sponsors and event planners. It brings structure to the complex web of details that go into each phase of the planning process.

"emsPlanning" allows you to:

  • Organize the meeting event
  • Bring structure to the myriad of details
  • Customize templates
  • Add event details
  • Outline agendas and sessions
  • Request venues, rates and rooms
  • Receive notifications of edits to the meeting request
  • Generate RFP's to be sent directly to selected hotels
  • Survey delegates after the event for their feedback and use as input to future event planning