"emsProject" helps you eliminate the guesswork, stay on track and on time

Event Project Management Challenges

Whether the event is simple of complex, there are numerous tasks that must be completed on schedule. And if you have a large and/or distributed event team, how do you keep everyone focused on the critical tasks? How do you track progress and deal with issues as they arise?

Overview of "emsProject" Capabilities

"emsProject" is an easy to use tool ideally suited for Project Managers or any one involved in a long term project with multiple tasks. It keeps your team focused, on track and on time by creating tasks, assigning ownership and developing timelines. The timeline is easily displayed and shows all tasks relevant to the project while eliminating the guesswork from a project by showing who is responsible for what task and the time that has been allocated.

"emsProject" allows you to:

  • Create a project plan
  • Select users for the project team
  • Add and complete tasks
  • Assign ownership of specific tasks
  • Review the project progress
  • Generate Reports