"ems"-scan for delegate data capture - simple, inexpensive, immediate

Delegate Data Capture Challenges


You want to know which tracks and sessions your delegates are attending and capture instant feedback from them. Plus your exhibitors want an easy way to get details of the delegates they meet. How do you provide a simple and effective solution for all of these needs?

Overview of eScan Capabilities

eScan is the first barcode scanning toolbox designed with event organizers and exhibitors in mind. With its flexible technology combining innovation scanning technology and web-based software, eScan addresses a number of requirements:

  • Recording delegate attendance at track sessions and breakouts
  • Providing a simple way to capture on-site feedback after specific sessions or at the end of the event
  • Providing exhibitors with a quick and easy way of capturing the details of delegates they meet, products they were interested in and of follow up actions

eScan's capabilities include generated reports providing immediate analysis of collected data with a dashboard view of statistics and outcomes.

eScan offers flexibility in the use of scanners:

  • eScan is built to work best with the Symbol CS 1504, a key-fob size scanner which eliminates the need for electricity or cumbersome tabletop devices
  • Integration with other types of scanners may be possible, please enquire
  • Rent our scanners (continental US only) or work with one of our rental partners