"emsScheduler" saves you time by keeping everyone informed about room and resource schedules

Event Resource Scheduling Challenges

Managing meeting space and resources such as A/V equipment can be a challenge. How do you ensure that you are using your space effectively? How do you communicate your layout and other resources requirements to the property management?

Overview of "emsScheduler" Capabilities

"emsScheduler" was designed for meeting planners given the task of managing meeting space for an event of any size. It keeps your event planning team informed at all times of specific meetings scheduled and details about the meeting. It is a collaborative tool offering real time changes, displayed immediately.

"emsScheduler" allows you to:

  • Schedule meetings using the inventory available
  • Classify room set up and seating plan
  • Attach documents pertinent to the meeting planned
  • Manage specifications and A/V inventory
  • View and display event schedule
  • Create Daily Agendas
  • Generate reports on: A/V and room usage, daily agendas, event specifications, etc.