"emsSeating" lets you create a better seating chart
in less time

Event Room and Seating Challenges

Seating charts can become a challenge, especially for large events. How do you ensure that the table and seating arrangements meet the needs of all involved? How can you quickly seat hundreds of people? How can you allow attendees to seat themselves and their groups without imposing a huge administrative burden on your team? How can you cope if you have multiple seating charts to manage for the same event? And how can you easily present the finished seating charts to the event sponsor and the property management?

Overview of "emsSeating" Capabilities

"emsSeating" is an innovative application that helps you create seating charts quickly and easily.

"emsSeating" is simple to use. Using the drag and drop feature, attendees can be placed exactly where you want them - they can even seat themselves! Or you can let eSeating seat everyone automatically as they register. You can also use "emsSeating"s one-click buttons to automatically seat and unseat all attendees. And using the search feature, you can select attendees by name or company to seat individually.

"emsSeating" is capable and flexible enough for even the most complex events. For example, eSeating allows you to manage multiple seating charts for the same event, and to control which attendees are invited to each. eSeating also gives you complete control over table sizes and arrangements and even allows you to create theatre seating. You can also limit access to certain tables by assigning passwords to them.