"emsSitelet" lets you create and build an event website quickly and easily

Event Website Creation Challenges

Your target audience expects to easily find information about your event on the internet. In this day and age, an informative website is crucial to the success of any event. How do you build an informative and compelling website quickly and at low cost?

Overview of "emsSitelet" Capabilities

Integrated with the "emsReg" application, "emsSitelet" allows you to quickly and easily create and market your event website.

"emsSitelet" allows you to:

  • Create and manage multiple event websites
  • Create event websites in multiple languages
  • Add customized header and banner graphics for each event
  • Upload a downloadable event brochure for each event
  • Designate contacts for registration, sponsorship, press, marketing and speaker opportunities
  • Insert meta tag keywords and descriptions
  • Modify and remove pages
  • Add, delete and modify individual pages layout, images and content.