"emsSurvey" increases event value by letting you plan, execute and follow up

Event Survey Challenges

Your meetings and events must attract attendees and deliver value. Period. But how do you know what your audience is looking for and how do you assess their response to the event?

Overview of "emsSurvey" Capabilities

Plain and simple, surveys provide measurement. eSurvey is fully customizable and one of the best tools for measuring your brand objectives.

The "emsReg" pre-qualifying survey tool allows you to:

  • Gauge perceptions
  • Understand awareness
  • Listen to preferences
  • Clarify messaging

"emsSurvey" creates a personalized website where your audience goes to answer questions. You can publicize the web site to them using a variety of means:

In addition to the capabilities of "emsSurvey", two other "ems" applications can be used to carry out audience surveys: