"ems": simple, powerful, affordable event management software

How "ems" Supports Event Communication

Event Communication capabilities are delivered by multiple "ems" applications.

Overview of Event Communication Capabilities

  • "emsHome" helps you create a simple, informative event website
  • "emsSitelet" lets you quickly build a comprehensive event website to provide information to your target audience
  • "emsMarketing" helps you promote your event and keep in touch with your target audience
  • "emsConnect" allows your attendees to find and schedule on-site meetings with one another
  • "emsSurvey" allows you to survey your audience before your event and follow up with your attendees after its over

Other "ems" Capabilities

"ems" layered approach allows you to access just the capabilities that you need, cutting the time it takes to make you productive and successful. Other "ems" application layers are: