"ems": simple, powerful, affordable event management software

How "ems" Supports Event Program Management

Event Program Management capabilities are delivered by multiple "ems" applications.

Overview of Event Program Management Capabilities

  • "emsPlanning" lets you build a detailed event proposal for sponsor review and the creation of RFP's
  • "emsBudget" allows you to create the event budget, track it and manage it
  • "emsProject" helps you stay in control with a detailed task schedule and team responsibilties
  • "emsScheduler" lets you schedule rooms and other critical resources
  • "emsSeating" helps you build table and seating plans
  • "emsWiki" keeps you on the same page with your event team

Other "ems" Capabilities

"ems" layered approach allows you to access just the capabilities that you need, cutting the time it takes to make you productive and successful. Other "ems" application layers are: