"ems" - the powerful, flexible and affordable solution for Event Registration

How "ems" Supports Online Event Registration

Event Registration capabilities are delivered by the eReg application.

Overview of "emsReg" Capabilities

Easy. Customizable. Secure. Whether it's online or on-site, eReg makes the registration process simple. Completely customizable, this powerful application additionally offers housing and reporting management solutions for events of all sizes.

Some of the key features:

  • Personal and detailed creation of your event
  • Customizable branding and pricing capabilities
  • Access to extensive hotel database with FAQ's
  • Capability of collecting registration fees in most global currencies
  • Registrant badge printing
  • Create customizable registrant surveys
  • Access detailed summary reports
  • Obtain real-time data statistics on attendees and their preferences
  • Fully exportable capabilities to Excel and text files with the reporting functions

Get Started Now

And like all "ems" applications, eReg is ready to help you today. Delivered as a hosted service, you can access eReg or any of the other "ems" applications now, directly from your internet-connected desktop.

Other "ems" Capabilities

"ems" layered approach allows you to access just the capabilities that you need, cutting the time it takes to make you productive and successful. Other "ems" application layers are: