simple, powerful, affordable event management software

"ems - event management service" Suite

Each of the "ems" applications addresses a specific task within the event lifecycle. But collectively they work in harmony, allowing you to support the full lifecycle of the most complex event or event program.

"ems" Technology

"ems" is ready to go when you are:

  • Simple, intuitive web-based UI
  • Integrated, flexible, modular architecture allows you to license just the applications you need
  • Secure architecture
  • Hosted service eliminates in-house IT costs
  • Pay as you go, or annual commitments

"ems" Capabilities

"ems" layered approach allows you to access just the capabilities that you need, cutting the time it takes to make you productive and successful.

Event Registration

"ems" has all the power needed to manage registration for large, complex events coupled with simplicity to lighten the load for events of all sizes. ems caters for multiple attendee types and optional agenda tracks, takes care of payment collection and supports housing bookings and block management.

Event Communications

A successful event begins with excellent communications, whether it's surveying the market, promoting your event, staying in touch with your event team, connecting attendees with one another, tracking attendee participating in sessions and visits to exhibitors or conducting a post-event survey, "ems" has the tools you need.

Event Program Management

Whether its managing a single event or a complex program, you need to stay in control of budget, tasks and resources. That's why "ems" provides applications to help with early planning, including RFP submission, budget creation and management, project management, room and resource scheduling and room and seating planning.

Event-Driven Relationship Management

Once your event is over, you want to be able to follow up with your attendees as part of your sales and marketing process. "ems" makes this easy by synchronizing directly with your CRM system.