it-training support

we are partner of the bundesbank, deutsche bank, dresdner bank and the commerzbank for it-training support.

it-trainings are based on networked and homogeneously configured computers. we offer through our support services the technical all around supply for it-trainings in your locations. we install hard- und software, connect the computer with each other or with den internet and provide on-site support.

we make sure that every training participant will find the same learning-enviroment and after the event everthing will be resetted and prepared for the next training or event.

your event has to take place at a external location - in this case we have a special solution - our 'mobile classroom': we arrange the classrooms, bedrooms if needed and the whole technical equipment. for you and your guests, everything will be prepared, you provide the content, we will provide technology!

we would appreciate to submit an individual offer to you!